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Stainless, A Business Division of FDH Velocitel, designs, engineers, details and fabricates communication towers of all types and sizes including guyed towers and self supporting towers for the Broadcast and Communication industries.

100 West Main Street Suite 400 Lansdale, PA 19446 USA

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Welcome to the virtual home of Stainless, a business division of FDH Velocitel. It is a great pleasure for us to introduce you to the world of tall broadcast towers and the amazing infrastructure systems required to deliver broadcast content and information to our society. The foundations of broadcast tower manufacturing and services by Stainless were laid by Walter L. Guzewicz, Henry J. Guzewicz and Richard J. Eberle in 1947. We are greatly indebted to their pioneering spirit and innovative approach to engineering, design and the manufacturing art of providing the tallest towers in the world to ensure public access to critical television and radio broadcasts. I am privileged to say that Stainless’ efforts appeal to a variety of top-shelf broadcasters and tower owners who we now consider as not soley customers, but as associates and friends. It is my hope that this website is a useful tool that you turn to frequently to learn more about our industry and as a resource for you to be successful in your endeavors. Beyond the confines of our company, we at Stainless want to share our insight and expertise with you. The purpose being to give back to an industry that has served us faithfully for decades and pay it forward to other broadcast professionals as they answer the challenges facing the industry today and in the future. We wish you a productive journey through the Stainless experience and we look forward to your feedback. Your impressions are important to us.

Sincerely Yours,

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—Gregg Fehrman, President and Chief Engineer of Stainless

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American Pioneering In Tower Engineering

Since opening our doors more than 63 years ago, Stainless has built more than 7,500 towers in over 100 countries. Come read about Stainless' long history of tower engineering, fabrication and erection.


Fully qualified for your tower needs

Stainless has been able to combine the industry’s best engineering minds with state-of-the-art subcontractor manufacturing services to produce quality, cost effective towers that meet the delivery needs of our customers worldwide. Visit our qualification page and learn why we are the experts you need.

The Team

Nothing but team players

Stainless is comprised of a group of experienced and talented individuals who together form a superior team that can provide analysis, design, and fabrication services. The result is tower designs that perform as expected, without costly delays in construction. They are certified in many states for all that is needed to fulfill your tower needs.