—From the drawing board to reality

Industry Success

Pine Forge
Largest in scale and skill in engineering, fabrications and services.

Stainless employs its own engineering staff specializing solely in the design, analysis, and modification of Broadcast and tall towers. Our engineering team currently holds PE registrations in 36 of 50 states. With a combined 46 years of experience specializing in Broadcast towers, our engineering is unparalleled in the industry.

Stainless/Doty Moore tower service has long been recognized as a leader in Broadcast tower services and equipment installations. With our crews, equipment, and engineering support, we have the capabilities to perform the most complex of tower modifications, installation of the heaviest antennas, and work on the tallest towers including candelabra and tee bar structures.

US Map
Built over 50% of US tall towers

Since its creation in 1947, Stainless has designed and manufactured over 7,500 Broadcast communications towers with an estimated 286 towers in excess of 1,000 feet in height. When it comes to tall towers, no other company has experience comparable to that of Stainless.

Installed over 50% of DTV on air today

When it comes to equipment on Broadcast towers, television antennas are the largest and heaviest pieces. Stainless/Doty Moore Tower Service has performed removal and replacement of analog with digital television antennas for more than 50% of the stations broadcasting DTV today.

2000 ft tower
Designed and fabricated more 2,000 ft. towers than all other companies combined.

When designing and manufacturing the tallest communications towers in the world, the complexity of engineering and quality of manufacturing required are increased significantly. Stainless has more experience than all other existing tower manufacturers combined.

World Map
Supplied towers for over 100 countries

Stainless has designed, manufactured, and shipped towers to over 100 countries worldwide. Our engineering team can design towers to meet various international building code requirements and other location specific criteria.

Safety Training
Industry leading safety and training.

Throughout the history of Stainless/Doty Moore Tower Service, safety has always been the utmost priority. As a founding member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) we have helped in the establishment of many safety protocols, procedures, and standards in use today. Today we continue our commitment to safety as a member of the NATE STAR initiative, a program whose membership requires adherence to specific safety and training guidelines.

Sutro Tower
Experience such as:
Mt. Sutro,
Empire State Building
and Arecibo Radio Telescope

Included in the vast resume of Stainless/Doty Moore are projects on prestigious structures such as the Mt. Sutro tower, the Empire State Building, and The Arecibo Radio Telescope.

Stainless File Room
Maintains designs, drawings and documentation for over 50% of US broadcast towers

When performing tower analyses or designing tower modifications and upgrades, having the original manufacturing and tower foundation drawings is critical. Access to this information can eliminate the need and cost of tower mappings and field dimension measurements. This information also eliminates assumptionsfrom being used in structural analyses which could potentially jeopardize the accuracy of the results.